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We have been dealing with issues stemming from public and private water wells contaminated with PFOS and PFOA, two chemicals used for firefighting training at the former Willow Grove Naval Air Station Joint Reserve Base.

Twice in two years the federal government has told us the public water we had been drinking from our faucets in our homes exceeded acceptable levels of contaminants that have been linked to several health issues.

In addition the EPA allowed water that wasn’t suitable for infants to flow from the faucets in our homes for more than a year! We have no idea how long and to what extent we have been exposed to these chemicals.

The Horsham Water and Sewer Authority has consistently worked to keep up with evolving EPA standards for these chemicals. Notwithstanding their efforts, the public water still contains low levels of the chemicals below the EPA’s guidelines. The federal government needs to take full responsibility and protect the health of Horsham’s residents by:

• Installing carbon filters on all of Horsham’s remaining wells;
• Providing blood tests for Horsham residents so we can better understand the extent of our exposure to these chemicals which accumulate in our bodies; and
• Providing a health risk assessment for residents, particularly the children who have been drinking water.

Letter to Gov. Tom Wolf
Letter to Shawn Garvin, Regional Administrator US EPA Region 3
Letter to U.S. Sen. Bob Casey Jr. and U.S. Sen Patrick Toomey
Letter to U.S. Reps. Boyle and Meehan
Letter to Acting Adjutant General Pennsylvania Air National Guard
Letter to Navy Requesting Health Study


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